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Helping, Contextually

I keep yearly … not goals, but more broad themes that I use to guide my activities for the year. It might be as broad as looking for new adventures. Or as simple as getting stronger. Or making more art.

This year is about structure. And I was readying a mid-year check-in that I wanted to post publicly. I got as far as designing the images for Instagram (my current choice for social media.)

And yet I’m not posting it. And I can’t put my finger on it.

Part of me feels like it’s a humble brag and weird flex. Part of me feel gauche to talk about me doing well. Part of me feels like it’s not part of the conversation.

And part of me feels like it’s tone-deaf to many people. It hard to post anything that feels like advice to a crowd. At least to me.

It doesn’t seem like I would miss the mark on too many people even if some of it might resonate with others.

Or maybe I’m too afraid of criticism. Or all of it. I’m not sure yet.

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