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What We’re Supposed To Do

Banal opener: isolation in quarantine is tough for some people.

The thing I want to hone into is the existential. There’s plenty of other things that make things tough, but I’m even less qualified to talk about such things.

I sensing a dread in people that’s less about the virus, but closer to what people feel they’re supposed to be doing.

Notions of self and goals and what you’re working towards are some things to be confronted when you’re removed from the rhythms of regular life.

The simple one is “I would definitely start doing X or work towards Y if only I had the free time.” Be it writing or learning the guitar or whatever it may be.

But now given all the time inside this quarantine, how many have actually started such things?

It’s a confrontation of reality to sound perfectly dramatic, but there’s truth there. That what was stopping you wasn’t external, but rather internal.

(I say “you” but mean “me” as much as anyone else.)

There’s discomfort with the self. Things that could be swept away or distracted with going out or watching TV are now with you in your home, and ever more present.

How to deal with such things is outside the purview of this post. And again with things I’m qualified for, it only extends to myself. Which is true for everyone I think. Which is the crux of the issue.

The hinderances and truths of this is that it’s always been internal, and nobody external like myself can deal with it on your behalf.

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