Armchair Politics

I have to admit I’m grounded down. Five years ago I went to my first protest. Today, I can barely muster the energy to read past the headlines.

I dunno what to do about it.

And the “ra-ra you gotta dig deep” doesn’t do it for me.

The existing infrastructure feels too inert, too subverted.

I grew up having a lot of fun in the meta. Not just watching the tv show, but thinking about the production of the tv show itself. And the place the tv show has in the landscape of tv and media and our times.

Same with sports. Sports narrative. And maneuvering. And anticipating that Player X said this, so they were hinting at Y instead of Z.

But I think we collectively got too deep in the meta.

All the sub-tweeting and polls about polls. Getting obsessed with the derivative instead of what the derivative was trying to measure.

I dunno how to get back to the fundamentals.